PS – I also totally hate you with the fires of thousand burning heretics…


... vent-y rant rant.*Warning - Grown up language*I've had my Jeep less than four months and I've already been rear-ended. It was a perfectly minor accident (thanks be to God) and also completely unavoidable.I was sitting in traffic and watched this dude in the car behind me text and drive for the last 5 miles. I just knew the selfish (yes selfish, because that is what you are when you text and drive) little dip shit was going to hit me. And I was right.Listen, if you text … [Read more...]

Wired Wrapped Handmade Rosaries…

donna rosary

... My friend, Donna, makes rosaries. Not just any rosaries. She makes truly beautiful, sturdy wired wrapped rosaries.If you've every fallen asleep while praying the rosary only to wake up and find it in bits and pieces with beads everywhere, this rosary is for you. If you ever tossed a rosary in your purse or pocket and have it get tangled and come apart, again, this rosary is for you.Unlike typically single loop rosaries, these are practically indestructible.The picture I … [Read more...]

I’m not dead yet…

congrats on not dying

... I turned 40 and less than two weeks later I quite literally fell apart.Forgive me for the extended absence, you see, my right hand has been splinted since Monday. That's because on Saturday I had my second heart attack, followed by my second stent. But I'm home now and on this hellacious concoction of toxic pharmacopoeia -- injections made of pig intestinal mucous and pills that give me blinding migraines, sudden drops in body temperature, and dizziness.The up-side, my mood's … [Read more...]

Planned Parenthood Segment on The Catholic Five…


... Working on tomorrow's segment for The Catholic Five, I've included some links and commentary for your reference below.------------- The Catholic Five on Facebook, on Twitter, catch the live recording Saturday July 18th at 11EST or watch the playback later. ------------During this week's first recording I'll be commenting on the recently released video by the Center For Medical Progress that shows Planned Parenthood's Senior Director of Medical Services, Dr. Deborah Nucatola, … [Read more...]

Sex, Race, and Marriage…

careful now

... I am sick of race. I am sick of marriage. I am sick to death of the perpetually offended. When did we as a culture become so incapable of coping?Race.There isn't a week that goes by where someone doesn't call me a racist. Why? Because I actually did or said something racist? No. Simply because the person claiming racial discrimination didn't get their way. I mean that's what it has to be right, since everyone is entitled to everything always? If I don't give them their way than I … [Read more...]

Is People Magazine Glamorizing Obesity…


... On the cover of People Magazine is model Tess Holliday. The headline heralds, "The World's First Size 22 Super Model, From Bullied Teen to Plus Size Star."As everyone else celebrates this new diversity in the fashion industry, I can't help but feel alarmed that so many people are ok with a 5'5" tall woman weighing 260 lbs and being a size 22.At 5'9" I'm 20 lbs heavier than she is and a size larger.When I look at her modeling portfolio I see a beautiful woman with a lot of … [Read more...]

I worked out and it didn’t kill me…

hey whatever you got laying around the house

... I've made it half through the second month and true to my word I've been exercising regularly.Tuesday, Thursday, and Saturday are my walk days and I walk at a local park for a mile or pretty darn close to it. Monday, Wednesday, and Friday are my work out days where I do a 15 minute stair exercise routine after work and do planks, squats, and horrible things to my arms with hand weights.Sunday I rest because even God took a day off.I know I said I was only going to step on … [Read more...]

Standard Penances For Everything?

im sorry I wasnt listening

... Have you ever been to confession and poured out your heart and soul all over the floor of the confessional only to receive a halfhearted, almost perfunctory absolution like 3 Hail Mary's?I have such a hard time with this. If we have different types of sins, venial and mortal, shouldn't we have different types of penances to reflect the nature of the sin? I don't get how some priests can give the exact same penance for all sins regardless of their seriousness.Just speaking my … [Read more...]

Got a new toy…


... Let's talk about apps.I few weeks ago I broke down and purchased an iPhone. I really just wanted the My Fitness Pal app - which I'm happy to report, I've logged in for 29 consecutive days today. It's been exactly 4 weeks free of processed foods, soda, and dining out/fast food. I'm anxious to see if it's had any effect on my weight.I digress. I'll save the reveal for the weekly diet post later.This post is about apps.Catholic AppsHave you wanted a subscription to … [Read more...]