Denied Communion on the Tongue at My Grandmother’s Funeral…


***Please see update posted 3/13/15***... I just had the absolute worst experience ever during mass, at my Abuela's funeral no less. I wasn't going to post about here but I feel I have a duty to warn you all. If you ever happen to find yourself visiting the Tidewater area of Virginia and need to go to mass... just drive right by St. Therese in Chesapeake. Simply make the sign of the cross and keep on driving. Don't look back. Trust me.But of course, feel free to completely ignore my … [Read more...]

Whaaaaaa? You guys….

prepare to die

... Aw, shucks. You guys.I just wanted to give a big, fat "thank you" to everyone who donated and helped spread the word through your tweets, facebook shares, and blog posts.I wasn't expecting anywhere near this much support. The extra donations are really going to help since I found out last night my car has absolutely no trade-in value - it was in a previous accident and I hold a total loss title on it.I can use the extra for the taxes, title, and registration.I just wanted … [Read more...]

Homeless Man Buried at Vatican Cemetery…


... Willy Herteleer went to mass every day for twenty five years straight. He was well know among local clergy and the Swiss Guard. He was regarded as happy and friendly, a man of rich faith who enjoyed chatting with pilgrims about confession and the Eucharist, which he called his "medicine."When he died he was given a funeral mass and buried in the Vatican cemetery established for Flemish and German nobility.Willy Herteleer was not nobility. Not in the earthly sense. He was a … [Read more...]

Russel Brand’s Anti-Porn Rant…


... Some of you regular readers know how much I despise porn. It destroyed my marriage as I watched it completely transform my ex-husband.Allowing yourself to be exposed to pornographic material is one of the most destructive soul corrupting things you can do to yourself. Maybe one day I'll write more about my experience but until then... … [Read more...]

Five Hours of Real Estate Math Later…

I'm feeling stabby now though

... I'm feeling pretty stabby now though. … [Read more...]

Help End Blogger Poverty…

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Your donation will help end the suffering of one blogger who will no longer have to worry about meeting a page view quota for an entire month.During that time, the blogger you sponsor can devote her time to studying to pass her NC state board real estate Broker exam.Whaddya say?Help ease my suffering this month so I can devote more time to study, please? … [Read more...]

Begone, You Wilted Bane of My Existence. I Can Still Celebrate Christmas Without You…


... I couldn't take it anymore. The tree had to go.Christmas. More like chrismess. Needles and dead greenery everywhere. And the crippled, pathetic thing kept tipping over.Now don't mistake me. I'm no Grinch, typically I'm a Christmas purists who keeps her tree up at least until Epiphany. I tried keeping all the decorations up until Candlemas one year but, oh, the fire hazard.I just don't get how dead, shriveled greenery is supposed to recall the birth of Christ. I suppose in … [Read more...]

But It’s Still Christmas…


... I used to think the saddest sight was a discarded Christmas tree on the curb the day after Christmas. Nope. I was wrong.The saddest thing ever was watching my neighbor remove his exterior lights at 3pm on Christmas Day. … [Read more...]

A Thanksgiving Miracle…


... An amazing thing happened this Thanksgiving.I didn't make it back to Virginia to see my family. I missed out on My Big Fat Puerto Rican Thanksgiving, an event I look forward to every year.But that's not the amazing part.The amazing part was instead of feeling depressed and sorry for myself, I felt incredibly grateful - grateful to have family that misses me when I am not there.And not only that, I had multiple invitations to spend Thanksgiving with various friends. I was … [Read more...]