“We’ve never had sex in Midwife and we never shall.”


... Anybody else watch this show? If not, here's as good a reason as any to start watching.Call the MidwifeHeidi Thomas, who created the award-winning programme, said sexual activity would have no place in the 1950s setting.She told Radio Times magazine: “We’ve never had sex in Midwife and we never shall. We have the consequences of it, certainly, but I always try to look at things within the historic context.“In the East End of the 1950s – or so a lot of people have told us … [Read more...]

Resolutions, No. Confession, Yes. Patron Saints for 2014, Double Yes…


... I'm not into resolutions; that's what confession's for.A lot of people put great stock into making resolutions each New Year. They promise to improve on some virtue or remove some vice. The ultimate goal is a better version of our current selves. Admirable yes, but why wait till the end of the year to propose such changes? Look at it like this; New Year’s is like one big examination of conscience and our resolutions are acts of contrition.Every time a Catholic makes their way into t … [Read more...]

Merry Christmas, we got a dog…


... What?! I have a blog?! You would never know judging from the frequency in which I post. This particular time of the year is such a whirlwind of do this, buy that, make all the memories.Here's a re-hash. There was a Big Fat Puerto Rican Thanksgiving, followed by an aggressive game of Catch Pharse. There was the Christmas miracle of gifts, gas, and groceries from my Christmas angel. Oh, and there was this...Baxter, the Airedale Terrier mix that we rescued from the pound. … [Read more...]

Human Dignity…


... Dégagé Ministries works in some creative ways to bring dignity to the homeless. Below is a time lapse video of Veteran, Jim Wolf, who struggles with homelessness and alcoholism.Francis kisses a man plagued with boils.Elizabeth Scalia has a very touching post about this incident and the "laying of hands." … [Read more...]

You Never Know Who Is Reading…

color on Mt. Viso 1923

... While researching saint costume ideas for a project in my son's faith formation class, my son stumbled upon Bl. Pier Giorgio Frassati. What originally was nothing more than an easy costume idea has now blossomed into a Confirmation saint. And it all started with a blog.Sure, I said, I can whip up a hiking outfit, complete with pipe and walking stick, but you have to do the research on the saint. You have to know, really know, the saint you're going to be representing, I told him. So … [Read more...]

A Quick Seattle Re-Cap…


... What an incredible weekend. Seattle itself was absolutely fun but the real joy was being part of the Frassati Conference, hearing the other speakers, meeting some wonderful people, and making new friends. It really was a blessing to be there.If you live in or around the area, you should make a point to attend next year. Our Lady Star of the Sea is a wonderful parish full of the nicest folks who are serious about their faith.Just a brief re-cap, there is no audio of the talk I gave. … [Read more...]

Not posting much this week…


... I'll get back into full swing next week. I've been spending most of my time preparing for a conference. So far my notes consist of this...I'll be discussing motherhood and Rule of St. Benedict, followed by a workshop on divorce/remarriage within the Church. If you could spare a prayer for my nerves, that would be fantastic. Maybe I should write "don't drink" on the other hand, just to be on the safe side.In the meantime, here's some stuff for your consideration.From Eye … [Read more...]

Ah, Autumn…


... I know God loves us because He created Autumn, pumpkins, and Bourbon. When these favorite things of mine come together they make this ---Bourbon Pumpkin Pie Milk ShakeAnd the Heavens rejoiced. … [Read more...]

April 27th, Rome Here I Come…


VATICAN CITY — Pope Francis on Monday set a date next year to declare the sainthood of two of his most influential predecessors on the same day in what was taken as a gesture designed to promote unity within the Roman Catholic Church.The two popes — John Paul II and John XXIII — will be canonized on April 27, Francis said during a meeting with cardinals at the Vatican. Some Vatican analysts said the decision to canonize two popes simultaneously was highly unusual, if not unparalleled. [Sour … [Read more...]