fess up.

I have admitted on this blog that I loved the movie 40 Year Old Virgin and that I rented Knocked Up in the company of a minor. Which, by the way, is absolutely hifreakinlarious and a very sweet movie. I am also addicted to the HBO series Rome. Not exactly practicing custody of the eyes. When I post about my love of all things Potter it starts a huge com-box war with the Most Perfect Traditional Catholics Ever telling me I'll be lured into witchcraft. I am sure some one out there will deduce from … [Read more...]


Friday, 05 October, in Davis Chapel at Wake Forest University. it's past 5 o'clock and I am about to walk out the door, but I will post further details and some email correspondances I received. ... more to come. Thanks, Sid for the tip. If you can't wait till tomorrow for the rest of the info, email Sid Cudniff. He's friendly enough. … [Read more...]

Please Stop Scaring the Clergy

Awhile back I had a delightful conversation with a certain padre, we'll call him Padre Jo*. We were talking about Summorum Ponitficum, imagine that. Padre Jo loves the Extraordinary form and is thrilled to pieces over the MP. What he isn't thrilled about are the tyrannical bat shit crazy Trads that have been unleashed on the clergy since the Motu Proprio came to be. You know who I'm talking about. The kind of people that critiqued the way Fr. Bob* genuflected at mass but never bothered to … [Read more...]

Married Clergy

While Roman Catholic priests may not marry, Bergman was ordained under a Pastoral Provision approved by Pope John Paul II in 1980. Bergman was an Episcopalian priest, a faith that permits its priests to marry, when he sought priesthood in the Roman Catholic Church.On April 21, 2007, Bergman was ordained a priest of the Roman Catholic Diocese of Scranton by John Dougherty, auxiliary bishop.[source]Ok, I feel like opening up a can of worms... I am not entirely convinced that married priests are a … [Read more...]

His will be done?

What is the point of praying if God already has a plan in mind for us? Why interject our own desires into prayers of petitions if we are expected to pray for His will to be done? If I pray for something so earnestly all my life and it is not what God has in mind for me, then I have wasted thousands of prayers in vain. What I desire may or may not be what God has in mind for me, I have no way of knowing. So I ask, why bother? … [Read more...]

An open letter to the ‘Birkenstock Lady’ EHMC at my parish

UPDATE: 8/20/07Let me offer some background on this particular EMHC. She arrives to mass every Sunday well after the first reading. She sits in the middle section with her particular group of aging hippies and chats through out the entire mass. On more then one occasion myself and other members of the congregation have had to tell her to be quit. The uncharitbale truth is a loathe her and all she represents. If she doesn't want to be judged by her actions then she should behave accordingly. … [Read more...]

My Religion is Cooler Then Yours…

Tim made a comment that Disparity of Cult would make a good band name. Then I remembered the name of friends band ... Eucharist. Yes, they were a punk band. This got me thinking; which isn't always a good thing. You are now subjected to my thoughts...More Reasons Why Catholics are Cooler Then Fundies......Because we have terms that make killer punk band names!1) Disparity of Cult [inspired by Tim]2) Extreme Unction3) Anathema4) Partial Indulgence5) Temporal Punishment6) Relic7) Purgatory8) Novus … [Read more...]

I Need Your Help…

I am involved in RCIA. I have compiled a list so far of things we can do or things I would like seen incorporated. Please, help me help poor catechumens in Charlotte have a better RCIA experience then I did. My dream... no hand holding, "sharing", and to banish the phrase "how does that make you feel?". Can you look over this list & tell me what is missing or what needs tweaking.Big Thanks!Bring 2 DVD to RCIA… Fisher’s of Men & God in the Streets. Both or short. Longest is Fisher’s of Men … [Read more...]

Fessing up…

Hell, since I am dodgy Catholic (*wink wink*) then maybe this will come as no surprise to you. But I am tired of hiding it... I must come clean & reveal my dark & terrible secret much to my own shame...I am addicted to the Harry Potter series, yes the very same condemned by the Church, railed by Bishops, and gathered up in large quantities and set ablaze by evangelicals while dancing around burning Potters in effigy... (ok, maybe some of that is made up)My son loves Harry Potter. He owns … [Read more...]