Can Parents Protect Their Children From Abusive Relationships…


In a previous post I discussed why women choose to stay in violent relationships. In response, this question was posted,So, how do we protect our children from marrying abusers? Do we just accept that mistakes happen and people are just hoodwinked by sociopaths now and again? Can you think of anything that would have inoculated you against marrying someone who would hurt you?Excellent question. But the answer isn't simple.Unfortunately, there is no guarantee against abusive … [Read more...]

The Assumption For the Senses…


... Sense of sound and sight.Fernando LlanosJuan Martin CabezaleroAndrea Del Sarto … [Read more...]

Norfolk, VA Scouts Hoping to Solve Local Gang Problems…


... I got such a soft spot in my heart for the Boy Scouts of America. I've been blessed to be part of a wonderful, active troop lead by dedicated and faithful fathers who are really committed to their kids.The BSA has taught my son self reliance, helped him become more independent and confident, and has taught him the virtues of helping others and respecting authority. Stuff I can teach but that really, for boys, needs to be reinforced by adult male role models.When my son needs Scout … [Read more...]

3 New Priests Ordained in Charlotte Diocese…

Love these guys! Team McNulty with Bishop Jugis  (Photos by SueAnn Howell, Rico De Silva and Patricia L. Guilfoyle, Catholic News Herald)

... "Now, dear sons, you are to be raised to the order of priesthood."HUNTERSVILLE — The morning of June 28 was marked by pure joy and gratitude as the Diocese of Charlotte’s three newest priests were ordained.With expressions filled with emotion, Paul Maxwell Buchanan, Noah Christian Carter and Paul David McNulty stood before Bishop Peter J. Jugis to present themselves for priestly ordination at the start of the ordination Mass at St. Mark Church.Father Christopher Gober, dir … [Read more...]

Mary, Undoer of Knots DAY EIGHT…


... See, I told you guys I've never been able to faithfully keep to a consecutive nine days. I missed day eight, which should have been posted yesterday. So I don't know if you can double up today or not. I'm hoping you guys went on ahead with Day Eight without me.So now what? Does my novena no longer count or do I need to start over. Or does Mary understand I'm terrible at commitment? Man, I was so close this time. So close.Picking up where I left off...Click here to … [Read more...]

From Johnny Rotten to Johnny Reverent in One Easy Step …


... Does your son fidget and act unruly during mass? Or does he get bored and sit there like a listless lump zoning out?Do you wish he'd be more attentive, prayerful, or respectful and listen to the homily for stinkin' once?!?Now you too can have a new improved, wonderfully well behaved son accompanying you to mass each week with Altar Boy 2.0*!Here's how it works in one easy step.Step 1 -- Make your son be an altar server.I don't care if he wails and kicks and says … [Read more...]

I wish I could care but I don’t…


... Today was Divine Mercy Sunday and I didn't even realize it till later in the day. I mean I knew it was, it just slipped my mind. Also, some popes were canonized today and I tried to watch the coverage on EWTN but it was a JPII marathon extravaganza and I just got bored. Not that I have anything against JPII, I just wondered if they realized more than one pope was being canonized, that's all.Plus, I was supposed to be there and I was feeling all Rome sick and junk. Till I saw the crowds … [Read more...]

“We’ve never had sex in Midwife and we never shall.”


... Anybody else watch this show? If not, here's as good a reason as any to start watching.Call the MidwifeHeidi Thomas, who created the award-winning programme, said sexual activity would have no place in the 1950s setting.She told Radio Times magazine: “We’ve never had sex in Midwife and we never shall. We have the consequences of it, certainly, but I always try to look at things within the historic context.“In the East End of the 1950s – or so a lot of people have told us … [Read more...]

Merry Christmas, we got a dog…


... What?! I have a blog?! You would never know judging from the frequency in which I post. This particular time of the year is such a whirlwind of do this, buy that, make all the memories.Here's a re-hash. There was a Big Fat Puerto Rican Thanksgiving, followed by an aggressive game of Catch Pharse. There was the Christmas miracle of gifts, gas, and groceries from my Christmas angel. Oh, and there was this...Baxter, the Airedale Terrier mix that we rescued from the pound. … [Read more...]