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single parent dating

... As long as we live in a social climate that treats children as commodities that we are entitled to as opposed to blessings we welcome and receive then I have to reconcile with myself the truth I seem to recognize but failed to accept in the past; single parents should not date. Ever.The reason I say I fail to accept this is because I'd be a flat out hypocrite to make they bold charge against single parents and dating without acknowledging my own past dating activities, such was my desire … [Read more...]

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Where I Rant About Kid’s Organized Sports…

... "It's all about having fun" is not an excuse for a coach to shirk teaching kid's the fundamentals of a sport. Kid's aren't having fun if they always lose. The only people that say losing doesn't matter are the losers. And if the bases are loaded, you don't tell kids that the play is on first... and expect me not to stand up and shout otherwise. I mean c'mon. And if your kid is in the outfield and lets the ball roll right by him without making an effort to catch it I am gonna yell at him to … [Read more...]

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Breaking News: I’m Straight…

... What? Isn't that the in vogue thing to do now-a-days? Make an arbitrary announcement about your sexual preferences to a large group of people who don't really give a shit? I'm straight. Big whoop. Oh, you're gay? Even bigger whoop.I'm tired of the constant bombardment from media outlets about who the next big homosexual is. Every time some one goes public with the aspect … [Read more...]

Wine, How I Love You…

... … [Read more...]