Life Affirming Zombies…


... I can only tell you why I love the TV series The Walking Dead so much, as everyone has their own individual reasons. Mine is for it's life affirming message. Seriously. A show about the undead is shockingly edifying. Life is precious and people can endure all manner of horrors thrown at them as long as they have hope. To not just simply survive but live.Or in the case of this short and emotionally raw clip, Cargo, to live on.It's only 7 minutes, but it's 7 minutes of the most … [Read more...]

Fine Art Friday …


... Art for the Assumption. Better late then never. So just enjoy it ...Andrea Del SartoJose AntolinezAnnibale CarracciJuan Carreno De MirandaVolaterra, altar located in Santissima Trinita in Rome (been there!)Lippi, located in Santa Maria Sopa Minerva in Rome (been there too!)Lorenzo LottoPietro PeruginoGiovanni BattistaNicolas PoussinSabastiano Ricci … [Read more...]

Phenomenally Craptastic Week…


... I missed my calling as a hermit or rather a pampered recluse. The general public never ceases to amaze me, and by amaze I mean ::facepalm:: I guess I should be seriously grateful I'm not in customer service. I studied forensic pathology for years in hopes of never having to work with the living. Or at least seriously minimizing my contact.Fast forward fifteen years and here I am knee deep in the general public. Last week I was asked out by an ax murderer. Well, I don't know if he … [Read more...]

Cranky Crescat…


... Oh thank goodness. Wedding season is over. I don't think I could take another Saturday of staring at this while I wait in line to make my confession...Ladies please. Have some decency.Even Brit Brit wore more material than that to church.What? I know I was going to try and write about love and junk. But it's summer, my notoriously cranky season. … [Read more...]

The Saddest Commute…


... Back story - my car battery died and I don't know the anti-theft code to reset the car stereo to get it working again. I also have no A/C in my car. So I have the saddest commute into work ever.But it's not all bad. Sometimes I pull up next to someone who has their windows down and radio on loud enough for me to listen. And I'm all like.... OOoooo. That's my jam.Except, some people apparently find this behavior super creepy. Especially when you start to sing along. Because … [Read more...]

“Abortion” in Sign Language…

American Sign Language for "abortion"

Source 1 and source 2. … [Read more...]

Friar Gazing…


SOURCE … [Read more...]

Highly Suspicious Car Accident Kills Journalist Michael Hastings…


Journalist Michael Hastings was killed early Tuesday morning in a bizarre car incident in Los Angeles. Hastings, 33, was best known for writing the Rolling Stone story that ended in Gen. Stanley McChrystal’s resignation as head of U.S. forces in Afghanistan.Bizarre is quite the word for it. According to reports...Hastings died in a fatal single-car crash at 4:25 on Tuesday morning. A witness said his car “suddenly jackknifed” before crossing the median and hitting a tree, causing a fero … [Read more...]

What Does It Mean Being An “Openly Gay” Boy Scout….


... Several people have approached and written to me wanting to know my opinion on the Boy Scout scandal. And yes, it is a scandal. Why haven't I addressed here? Because I don't know what to think. I, like most of you, are still plagued with tons of questions. I'm struggling to understand it all myself and the impact it will have on the scouting organization. Mostly, my concern is for my own boy scout and his well being. I'm honestly trying to determine how we'll proceed from here. Now that the … [Read more...]