Dirty Whores

... Everybody on Patheos is talking about sex, or more specifically abstinence only education. Does it work or doesn't it? Some think it's silly to expect teenagers not to have sex - rochas quote- but I think it's perfectly acceptable to say to my son "I EXPECT you not to have sex until you are married". Not all this "till you are in loooooove" junk. Kids juiced up hormones can't properly distinguish between self sacrificing love and a hole in the ground. And most certainly not, "When you think … [Read more...]

The Talk W Boys

http://www.focus.org/blog/posts/im-that-girl-who-chose-life.html … [Read more...]

Puerto Rican, Mexican, whatever. Same difference…

... My grandmother, on my mom's side, always called me Cuban. My grandfather, on that same side, mistakenly thought I was a Mexican. In high school it was less specific. I was just a pain ole 'Spic. Never mind that my complexion is so lilly white it's practically clear. I had dark features, black hair, and one o' them furrin soundin' surname so I must have been a furriner.http://publicshaming.tumblr.com/post/55715208108/baseball-fans-super-angry-hispanic-american-superstar … [Read more...]

father pfleger wtf

http://www.davidlgray.info/blog/2013/07/pfleger-at-it-again/ … [Read more...]

pope hater or liberal hater?

... the pope hater?http://www.religionnews.com/2013/08/06/pope-francis-is-unsettling-and-dividing-the-catholic-right/http://www.ironiccatholic.com/2013/08/blogger-patents-my-personal-pope.html?spref=fbhttp://juicyecumenism.com/2013/08/06/an-omen-over-catholic-colleges-cognitive-dissonance-and-the-tyranny-of-sentimentality/ … [Read more...]

Finding God in the Damnedest Places…

... I found God in a painting a Hell. I know a guy who found God while fishing. And I got one friend who swears he had a life changing vision of God in a gay bar and immediately turned his life around.So what does having spiritually life changing experiences have to with paintings, fishing, and gay bars? Well, God comes to us where and when He comes to us. Whenever we are receptive He makes Himself known. And yes, I suppose He can come to us during a liturgical dance performance.You see, I … [Read more...]

Big families.

... I have a friend who is fond of saying that she is not a Catholic blogger but rather a blogger who happens to be Catholic. The same could be said for me regarding motherhood. I am not a mommy blogger, but a blogger that happens to have a kid.Someone recently thanked me for not being a mommy blog. Yes, I loathe most mommy blogs; specifically the ones that are all glitter crafts, home baked goods, and unrealistically well behaved kids. I call bull shit mostly because I know the nature of … [Read more...]


... Everyone assumes because you have sons your life will be easier. Boys don't suffer from violent sharknados of teenage emotions & hormones. Boys don't have as much societal pressure on them to look a certain way or behave sexy. Boys are more laid back and teenage girls are explosive mind fields of eye rolls and heavy disgruntled sighs. Parents of girls and young ladies need to watch out for those lecherous horn dogs, the teenage boy.But you know what, girls are becoming as lecherous and … [Read more...]

i can do anything…

http://www.theatlantic.com/entertainment/archive/2013/08/you-can-do-em-anything-em-must-every-kids-movie-reinforce-the-cult-of-self-esteem/278596/ … [Read more...]