Everyday Porn…


... I watched the Super Bowl up to a point. Probably the worst point; the half time show.Remember when this type of behavior was strictly reserved for seedy bars with blacked out windows? Street walker is high fashion now, don't you know. Isn't she a mother?And food porn. Really? I've seen people doing this in restaurants, taking photos of their food to share on social media. Apparently this phenomenon has become a real problem and dining establishments want to ban the practice. … [Read more...]

Year of Faith Bucket List…


... Or, things my good intention-ed self will attempt to do but probably fail at miserably. Yet some of these things are really good ideas so I thought I'd share them anyway. And really, if you only manage a few, that's something right?Catholic activities and opportunities that will hopefully inspire you, and maybe even challenge you, to grow in your Catholic faith. Please keep this bucket list and check off all the items that you or your family members are able to accomplish over the … [Read more...]

Well, at least the wardrobe will keep me entertained…


... Oh, my gosh. Did you watch it?! It's nice to see Thomas back to his old tricks. And pathetic, desperate Edith; the poor dear. But the real reason we all tuned in this evening was for the cat fight...and the clothes, of course.But I could tell this season is going to be as melodramatic-y and soap opera-ish as last season the minute that British Lord slipped the potato farmer chauffeur, Tom, a roofie. Really? Someone gets slipped a roofie in the season premier? That's … [Read more...]

Let’s talk about resolutions…


... A lot of people put great stock into making resolutions each New Year. They promises to improve on some virtue or remove some vice. The ultimate goal is a better version of our current selves. Admirable yes, but why wait till the end of the year to propose such changes? Look at it like this; New Year's is like one big examination of conscience and our resolutions are acts of contrition.I firmly resolve, with the help of Your grace, to sin no more and to avoid the near occasion of sin. … [Read more...]

I feel like Gollum at the edge of Mt. Doom…


... Only without the death and lava and junk. I finally have a new laptop. My precious.Isn't she beautiful? A Toshiba Satellite laptop with 2nd Gen Intel® Core™ i3 Processor, 8 GB of memory, 500GB of hard drive, and the best part... it was on sale with a $200 discount.One caveat...For all those who generously made donations, thank you. … [Read more...]

We’re Experiencing Technical Difficulties…

... I want to take this moment and firstly thank all my wonderful, patient friends who endured a barrage of technical questions like "what's an intel" as I try and navigate the overwhelming sea of information out there.My only access to the internet at this point in my work pc and I can't use this during the working hours of the day. I can use it at night, like I'm doing right now, if I want to stay late after work but who really wants to hang around in an empty office. The heat … [Read more...]

Christmas Midnight Mass, Wimps Need Not Apply…


... Or maybe that Survivor reality series show would be a better analogy. First one to fall asleep in the pews gets voted off. In which case I was one of the first ones down. The incense dried out my eyes and the chant had the same lulling effect as an airplance engine. Don't get me wrong. The mass was beautiful. Last night I visited a church I hadn't been to in years and the changes the new priests have instituted are vaste liturgical and spiritual improvements. Kudos to you, good padres. So my … [Read more...]

He’s dead, Jim….


... Requiscat in pace, dear laptop. You served me well these long years. But since you don't have a soul my mourning period will be brief. I'm sure you understand. Finding your replacement is of the utmost importance. This thing I'm typing on now, a fifteen year old netbook with an outdated vesion of IE, doesn't have spell check! The grammar nazis will eat me alive! So you see my delimma.Ok, computer geeks. I need your help. What do you think of the Surface? I'm desparate for computer … [Read more...]

I don’t know how they do it…

father ted christmas special

... After mass this morning, Father made announcements indicating when mass times were for Christmas Eve and Christmas Day. Whew. Priests work hard, y'all. Four masses Christmas Day and three masses Christmas Eve. I guess it's not all fine wine and exotic cruises. It really is a good thing we keep the party going during Christmastide or our priests may never have the chance to put their feet up and drink some eggnog.In case you ever took your priests for granted, it is their tireless … [Read more...]