Friday Fishing…

Returning with an old favorite weekly feature, Friday Fishing, is this video of the Solemn Profession of Dominican Nuns, Sr. Yolanda Del Nino Jesus and Sr. Victoria de Nuestra a Senora del Rosario of the Monasterio de Santa Catalina de Sena in Cusco, Peru. Thank you, M. Snow, for sending me the beautiful video.Friday Fishing is a weekly feature promoting the religious life through imagery and video. Each week I feature a particular religious community and provide information about the order … [Read more...]

is singleness a vocation…


... I hear this question every now and then. I wonder, but highly doubt it.I'm not a consecrated single person so being single, in my opinion, is not a vocation. I just sort of ended up in this state through various life circumstances but I never actively sought to be single. I think most singles are like me in this aspect. When I think "vocation" I don't think of some transitory or temporary state, which I hope and pray my singleness is.So I ascertain that being an unconsecrated single … [Read more...]