Baby Steps…


Lord knows I am not the mushiest of souls. Emotions raise my suspicions. But there is something so genuine about these images that it tugs at my affections for the Holy Father. It fills me with an overwhelming urge to punch the face of the next person who says something disparaging about this man.That's a start I suppose.All I can do is look at them and nod thinking, well done Frank. Well done.You know, I was going to write this long screed about ... about what? I forget … [Read more...]

God Wrote Code and It Was A Good Day …


... Do you ever just wake up in those strange moods where you are phenomenally grateful for your certainty in the existence of God? Where everything you see and experience directly points back to His omnipotence like a thousand flashing neon signs? And you think, duh... who can possible not believe in God?I mean, look at that sky. That tumultuous storm brewing on the horizon and the leaves on the trees turning over in anticipation the rain. And you just know, that's no accident. The … [Read more...]

Fun With Penance…

Cut me off? I got your Hail Mary right here, jack ass!

... Sometimes you are just so rotten that your poor, patient confessor is forced to come up with administering a penance more challenging than the typical Hail Mary/Our Father combo of prayers.I don't know if you can tell, but I tend to be on the sarcastic side. My second grade teacher warned me once that I was going to spend all my life talking myself out of situations my mouth got me into. Never mind that it seems to have actually worked in my favor, getting paid to talk and write, but … [Read more...]

The new and improved Crescat…

_SM16455, Sicily, Italy, 04/2011, ITALY-10132NF

... fortified with cuteness, kittens, and politics free. I came back from my month long sabbatical with a serious case of the warm and fuzzies.Image source. … [Read more...]

Baby Pygmy Goats!

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I’d like to interrupt this phenomenally craptastic week with a faith affirming thought and a picture of kitten…


... "How can you call yourself a Catholic?! Don't you keep up with the news, what about the sex abuse scandals, and all those corrupt Bishops? Haven't you ever read a Dan Brown novel or watched Borgia? Aren't you embarrassed to be associated with such a debauched religious institution?!"I'm sure we've all heard it. I brace myself for the questions every time another priest makes headlines. Then I let it roll off my back like water off a duck. It has nothing to do with not putting my trust … [Read more...]

Oh, Pelosi. What are we going to do with you…


... In the past I have certainly vocalized my thoughts on Pelosi and fraternal correction while entertaining fantasies reminiscent of this...... and I will admit an eye twitch develops at the mere sound of her name. So when she was back in the news last week spouting more about how her "faith compels her" the old war cry "anathema sit" was quick to rise from my lips. And so this post originally started out with wondering how flammable she might be.Then I went to lunch with a … [Read more...]