Dating the “discerning” man…


... "I'm discerning a vocation". When I, as a single woman hear those words from a man, especially one I'm interested in or dating, they get interpreted as the Catholic equivalent to "it's not you, it's me". I hear them and move on. In fact, I'd go as so far to say whenever I hear a man is discerning a vocation I immediately place him in my Friend Zone and he becomes off romantic limits. There's a whole slew of men like this on Catholic Match. I'd wager they're over there on Ave Maria too. … [Read more...]

Complete and total girly blather…


... Warning: I'm about to get all girly on you. Like cosmetics, hair products, pretty frocks and cute boys girly. You've been warned.Dweej is cute as a bug - which is a weird saying because bugs aren't cute - and I love her blog. Today she featured her Top 10 Cheap Beauty Products. Two of her favorites are also loved and used by me; Oil of Olay and Cover Girls cheap as heck stick blemish concealer. Although for the life of me I can't imagine why any girly-girl would want to smell like … [Read more...]