The War On Boys and Anti-Gun Hysteria …


... Forget the contrived "war on girls", I've been saying there is a war on boys before it was cool. My impending, and always accurate, sense of doom began exactly ten years ago with the birth of my son. From the very first play date where all the moms repeated to their toddler sons, "Don't hit. We don't use our hands for hitting". The "happy hands" philosophy later evolved into restricting their sons from playing with guns and toy weapons.Here's the thing... a little boy can turn … [Read more...]

defining boys and the fallacy of “gender equality”…


... The sociology, not to mention the politics, behind "gender equality" can be an incredibly complex subject matter. In fact, there are entire courses devoted to it's study in college. You can even get on of those oh-so-useful degrees in Gender Studies then Occupy something in protest of being unemployable due to your own poor academic choices.Now imagine taking this subject and trying to teach it to children, say eight years old like my son. Of course, due to it's complexities, 'gender … [Read more...]