WYD 2016 Logo Just Released…


... This is supposed to be a Catholic logo for a Catholic event, right?The World Youth Day 2016 logo has just been released! #wyd #krakow #krakow2016 #wydusa pic.twitter.com/iiYaFDs44K— World Youth Day USA (@WYDUSA) July 3, 2014Yay, Poland.Boo, Logo. It's ghastly.It looks like something that should be hot glued onto a felt banner.And has a generic protestant-y look to it. It's not like the Catholic Church isn't swimming in rich symbolism and heraldry to pick from. … [Read more...]

WYD buzz…

January 16, 2011. (Romereports.com) World Youth Day in Rio is still over a year away, but some cities are already putting their name out, hoping to host the World Youth Day after Brazil. Right now the most popular city is Krakow, Poland.The WYD event following Rio 2013 is the one where I plan to take my son. We'll be joined by a friend and his family with boys the same age as mine. I'll be pleasantly surprised if Krakow is selected as the hosting city. Jesus told me to go Poland after … [Read more...]