death of a parish…

For sometime I had been debating if I wanted to return to my parish. I wrote out a long heartfelt note to my parish priest letting him know my desires to no longer be a member at his church. In the end I decided it would have been too prideful on my part to send... that and I doubt he'd much care. I've sort of been a heel in his side I suppose. My redesign for the church interior was 'too traditional' and my remarks about the music director sounding like a tortured cat didn't play over well … [Read more...]

The Ugliest Vestment Contest!

Between Ma Beck, the macaw and Roman Sacristan I have a challenge open to everyone... FIND ME THE THE UGLIEST VESTMENT. Send me a link to your submissions in the com-box OR email them to and I'll post them all so we can vote. The winner will get a nice kitschy prize. ooo. ahhh.Deadline for submissions is December 10th. Voting will begin December 14th. Note: These vestments don't necessarily have to be Catholic but you'll get extra points if they are. They can also be any … [Read more...]

no macaws were harmed in the making of this chasuble

"All Creatures Great and Small" chasuble. … [Read more...]

the home school uniform

This is just an observation and in no way a criticism to all those out there that home school. Over the years I have known many families that home schooled their children and I have noticed a common thread (bad pun intended)... the home school 'uniform'.Is the 'uniform' of the home school girl just a result of practical economically thrifty parents? Is there a reason that this particular style is preferred by the mothers and daughters of the home school family? Do the majority of them chose to … [Read more...]

Orthodoxy…looking better everyday.

Still waiting for the quake that will rid us of California once and for all. adding... interesting points made by the IR HERE. … [Read more...]

fess up.

I have admitted on this blog that I loved the movie 40 Year Old Virgin and that I rented Knocked Up in the company of a minor. Which, by the way, is absolutely hifreakinlarious and a very sweet movie. I am also addicted to the HBO series Rome. Not exactly practicing custody of the eyes. When I post about my love of all things Potter it starts a huge com-box war with the Most Perfect Traditional Catholics Ever telling me I'll be lured into witchcraft. I am sure some one out there will deduce from … [Read more...]


Friday, 05 October, in Davis Chapel at Wake Forest University. it's past 5 o'clock and I am about to walk out the door, but I will post further details and some email correspondances I received. ... more to come. Thanks, Sid for the tip. If you can't wait till tomorrow for the rest of the info, email Sid Cudniff. He's friendly enough. … [Read more...]

Please Stop Scaring the Clergy

Awhile back I had a delightful conversation with a certain padre, we'll call him Padre Jo*. We were talking about Summorum Ponitficum, imagine that. Padre Jo loves the Extraordinary form and is thrilled to pieces over the MP. What he isn't thrilled about are the tyrannical bat shit crazy Trads that have been unleashed on the clergy since the Motu Proprio came to be. You know who I'm talking about. The kind of people that critiqued the way Fr. Bob* genuflected at mass but never bothered to … [Read more...]

Married Clergy

While Roman Catholic priests may not marry, Bergman was ordained under a Pastoral Provision approved by Pope John Paul II in 1980. Bergman was an Episcopalian priest, a faith that permits its priests to marry, when he sought priesthood in the Roman Catholic Church.On April 21, 2007, Bergman was ordained a priest of the Roman Catholic Diocese of Scranton by John Dougherty, auxiliary bishop.[source]Ok, I feel like opening up a can of worms... I am not entirely convinced that married priests are a … [Read more...]