“Abortion” in Sign Language…

American Sign Language for "abortion"

Source 1 and source 2. … [Read more...]

Local Abortion Mill In Charlotte Closed By Health Department…


... Ya'll pro-abortion advocates still want to act like Kermit Gosnell was the exception and not the rule in the abortion mill industry? Truth is, filthy conditions and unethical business practices are the norm. This is not a business conducted in the best interest of women. It's an assembly line style of "care" where the bottom line is the all mighty dollar at the expense of women's health and safety. It always has been and always will be about money and never about "choice".When you … [Read more...]

In Today’s News That Never Was…


... News That Never Was; highlighted news items ignored by the politically bias, liberal agenda driven mainstream media.Gay Connecticut Couple On Trial For Raping Their Adopted Children... media outrage? Nope. Crickets.I'm less outraged over the media's blind eye than I am about the fact that they almost entered a plea deal* that would have given them both probation instead jail time. Can you believe it?! Two grown men stand accused* of raping their adopted child and some judge is OK … [Read more...]