How the Al Smith Dinner played out…


They see me Dolan, they hatin'. Obama gives the stink eye.Dolan's SpeechRomney's SpeechAnd if you're feeling penitential, B.O's speech.Yesterday I was contacted by Sirius XM Satellite Radio's POTUS Channel 124 to give a phone interview on the Al Smith Dinner. I declined because I don't believe I could have supplied them with the info they were looking for. My comments on the event are pretty basic and remain unchanged... Shut your trap, be faithful and obedient, and … [Read more...]

Fighting The Urge To Punch – Obama and The Al Smith Dinner …

Nicholas give Arius what for

... Look, I loathe Obama as much as the next guy. I think he's a baby hating, Kenya born, secret Muslim who holds our country in contempt. Oh, and Michelle is his "beard". Every dispicable opinion you can have of the man I hold. I've compared him to Hilter and Herod and if he invited me to dinner I would decline for fear of how I'd react if I got within arm's reach. No, I would never do grievous bodily harm to another human being but some smug mugs are just begging for a good slap. No sin in … [Read more...]

Cardinal Dolan responds to Al Smith Dinner Attacks…


... I've long grown weary of the divisive labels used by Catholics; liberal, conservative, tradition, neo-con, rad trad, evil trad, Catholics For Choice v. Pro-Life Catholics, novus ordo v. tridentine, Communion in the hand v. on the tongue and kneeling... we get it. There is nothing Catholics won't fight about. That's why I did not comment on the Al Smith Dinner invitation Cardinal Dolan extended to Obama except only to note at how quickly so many turned on Dolan. For those who've been … [Read more...]