Setting Aside Our Differences to Fight Abortion, Can It Be Done …


... Abortion is evil. It is the evil that's the root of modern society's problems. As long as abortion exists human life with be valued by arbitrary measures like convenience and quality. Life will be conditional; conditional on if you are physically or mentally competent, a nuisance to family members, or if someone wants you or not. This devaluing of human life leaves no room for treating all people with equal dignity.It is because of my strong feelings towards the evil of abortion and … [Read more...]

Abolish Human Abortion, Crazy Jack Chick Scary Anti-Catholic…


... Well this is awkward. Here I was endorsing a pro-life organization only to find out they're staunchly anti-Catholic. Like Jack Chick anti-Catholic, only more cliche. I'm always amazed to learn the reasons some people give to hate the Catholic Church. They are always profoundly stupid. The reasons, not the people. Though if they weren't, wouldn't they be Catholic. But I digress.Yawn.Typical ignorance spouted by someone who knows absolutely nothing about the Church. Idolatry. … [Read more...]