A Catholic High School Teaches Catholic Doctrine and Everyone Loses Their Minds…


... This past Friday news broke about a local Catholic high school here in Charlotte, NC. Apparently the students at Charlotte Catholic High School had a bit of a problem with a nun teaching *gasp* Catholic doctrine.Psst. It's a Catholic school. Says so right in the name.From the Catholic News Herald,CHARLOTTE — An online petition started by a student at Charlotte Catholic High School is questioning the views of a speaker at a recent assembly who spoke on human sexuality. P … [Read more...]

Living Vicariously through the travels of Bishop Jugis in Rome…

Photo source, Catholic News and Herald

This time last year I was flying home from Rome, minus a personal meeting with the Holy Father, but than again I am not a Bishop. And the Swiss Guard were put on alert.Anyway... at least I can relive my trip vicariously through the travels of my Bishop, Peter Jugis, at his virtual pilgrimage blog. … [Read more...]

Because I Don’t Hate Gays I am Voting AGAINST Gay Marriage…

... On May 8th North Carolinians will get to vote on the Marriage Amendment that defines marriage in the state of North Carolina between a man and a women as the only legally recognized union. You can drive through any neighborhood in Charlotte and see the topic has deeply divided neighbors, even churches. At my job I can look out my window at the Baptist church across the street and see their signs for the amendment and 4 blocks down the road is the Methodist church with signs urging it's … [Read more...]