Shamelessly Blegging Our Way to Summer Camp…


... Sadly, I wonder if I should make this an annual fund raising campaign each summer. I'm embarrassed to admit that I did this very same thing last year, but I do so love my son and I'll do anything for him.And that anything means swallowing my pride every twelve months to ask you guys for a little help to get my son to summer camp.You see, last year he had such a fantastic time at Scout camp that he's dying to return this summer. He did all the marvelous, filthy things I completely … [Read more...]

Reader Poll — Attending Mass When Camping …


... Reader poll at bottom of post.Am I completely off base to expect a Boy Scout Troop, affiliated with and sponsored by a Catholic Church and made up predominately of Catholic boys and leaders, to plan mass attendance into camping trips?My feelings are, as a Catholic troop, the boys should automatically include going to mass in the itinerary when they plan these trips.Photo SourceTake for example this past weekend.They could have very easily planned Saturday vigil mass … [Read more...]