What Poor People are Deserving of …

Is this poor enough looking for ya'?

... Let's talk about poverty. Or rather, what poor people deserve.The minute you start talking about charity (money, gov't subsidies, church donations, handouts etc.) for the poor an amazing thing happens.People immediately start to critique the poor's worthiness."But people on welfare have TV's, so they don't deserve food!"It would seem that poor people deserve no common comforts and should be punished with an utterly barren life.Or new blouses. Poor women don't deserve … [Read more...]

defining charity…

... which ever source you use, charity is basically defined in the same manner; a generosity and helpfulness especially toward the needy or suffering, aid given to the poor.Nowhere did any of the sources define charity as the act of giving aid to the poor with conditional terms. Never would it have even occurred to me to offer charity and then apply conditional terms to what was being freely given. I am referring to Christian charity in this sense, not government subsidies. I liken … [Read more...]