How Feminists Continue to Make Women Look Bad…


... If I could go back in time and meet twenty year old riot grrrl me, I'd look something like this."Grrr. I'm angry. Some patriarchal man in Washington wants to control my vagina."OK. Maybe not to that extreme. Even in my hardest hard core days of feminazism I never took the stance that abortion on demand and at any gestational stage was a good and noble thing. I did; however, buy completely into the rhetoric my Feminist Theory and Women Studies teachers fed my young … [Read more...]

Abortapoolza Update…


... The Planned Parenthood rally at the DNC that no one heard.*crickets*When are they going to learn that eugenics disguised as "reproductive rights" is not an issue that is of any major interest to women; real women. Working women with children to care for and feed. Women who are not solely defined by their sexual activities. News flash, Planned Parenthood; women aren't walking vaginas.Oh, wait.Apparently some are. … [Read more...]

Still Underwhelmed but Malkin Made it All Better…


... I'm sure you all have been deeply concerned to know how the Obama sand sculpture was holding up with all this rain. Needless to say, it is slowly washing away. Oh, ironies.I tried to get a photo of it last night but it was covered to protect it from further damage. There wasn't much to report from yesterday. It rained, which kept many people away, including protesters.... some are reporting the numbers to be around 700-800. Never mind that 450 of those present were reporters. … [Read more...]

Well that was disappointing…


... I went Uptown last night to check out the vibe as Charlotte prepares for the DNC. I was expecting (oh, I don't know) maybe something a little grander than this...A poorly made sand sculpture of Obama.Charlotte was a ghost town. I saw two drunk women staggering down the street and a homeless guy playing the bongos. Actually, he may have just been a remnant from Occupy Charlotte. That was it.What is the feeling in the city right now? Discontent and aggravation. Many … [Read more...]

DNC Does Not Want To Be Punished With A Child…


... So did you hear the one about how the DNC has barred children from attending Charlotte's convention? The punch line is that feminists revolted. No, not that they are revolting. They revolted. As in, they got all righteously indignant and pretended to like children - for a minute.“Women are the key to a Democratic victory, and sometimes, children are the key to women,” said Gloria Steinem in a statement noted by the Charlotte Observer. “It’s both right and smart for the Democratic Convent … [Read more...]

The Crescat Goes To The DNC…


... It has been confirmed. I will be attending a few of the local events scheduled during Charlotte's Democratic National Convention. I need to start working on my disapproving scowl. … [Read more...]