Viral Christmas Advert Inspired by WWI Christmas Truce…


... Have you seen this incredible commercial for Sainsbury’s, a large supermarket chain in the U.K., based on the true events that happened Christmas Eve 1914?The commercial reminded me of a favorite movie, Joyeux Noel.From the History Channel...It was a miraculous event, a true shining moment in humankind and one that is unlikely to repeat itself since our current enemies do not believe in mercy or the love of Christ. We can hope and we can pray, but the past h … [Read more...]

Merry Christmas, we got a dog…


... What?! I have a blog?! You would never know judging from the frequency in which I post. This particular time of the year is such a whirlwind of do this, buy that, make all the memories.Here's a re-hash. There was a Big Fat Puerto Rican Thanksgiving, followed by an aggressive game of Catch Pharse. There was the Christmas miracle of gifts, gas, and groceries from my Christmas angel. Oh, and there was this...Baxter, the Airedale Terrier mix that we rescued from the pound. … [Read more...]