No Matter Who’s The Pope, The Church Will Always Still Be THE Church…


... The humblest thing I ever saw a pope do was to abdicate the papacy. That right there was a true act of humility. Granted, I was confused and heartbroken at the time - even a little angry. Alright, a lot angry. However, I can look back and see BXVI's actions for what they were. A genuine example of humility and self sacrifice.Now compare the act of giving up the papacy with riding public transit, living in the equivalent of a Vatican Motel 6, or opting for a cheaper ride. One Pope gave … [Read more...]

Pope Francis Scares Me Because God Give Us What We Need…


... You know how you just get used to someone's face? After seeing it for eight long years I am sorely missing Benedict's. The affection I have Benedict just isn't there for Pope Francis. In time, maybe. But for right now when I look on Pope Francis's smiling face I keep wondering, who is this man and why is he our pope? That uncertainty and unfamiliarity makes me a bit uneasy. I couldn't put my finger on it till last night.Kate Edwards, who blogs at Australia Incognito, noted;A … [Read more...]