The Closet’s All Mine, a review…

... Single life can be frustrating, especially during this time of year with the holidays fast approaching. Going solo to parties and family gatherings calls attention to this fact. That was why I timed my give-away of Dorothy Cumming's book, The Closet's All Mine, to coincide with the looming holiday season.Mrs. Cumming's, better known as the Seraphic Single or Auntie Seraphic, has been blogging and writing about her life as a single Catholic woman for quite a few years. She is now married … [Read more...]

on being seraphic …


... I appreciate all the concerned emails and words of encouragement but I assure you, kind readers, that I am not in the pits of despair and loneliness. Scrolling through the posts over the last two weeks may indicate otherwise, but I am actually a very jovial gal.Yes, I was having a bad week. Don't we all. So moving on from there, here is a perfect illustration of why I actually enjoy being single ... despite what the mood swings may indicate.Without question, the one thing I do … [Read more...]