Reese Gone Wild…


... It happens all the time in Hollywood. Whenever an actress wants to prove she's all grown up the clothes start to come off.Hollywood, where everyone is a feminist and a sexist at the same time.Emma Watson, who spoke at the UN demanding equality for all sexes, doesn't even see the paradox within the industry she works for. I'd like to know her thoughts on why male actors aren't encouraged to get naked and compromise their morals to prove their acting chops.Most recently, … [Read more...]

feminine blogs…


... There are a handful of female bloggers whose writings and areas of interest make me want to learn to sew, drink proper tea, and wear hats. These are intelligent women who wear their smarts with an air of femininity and graceful decorum that makes me wish I had taken home economics in high school and etiquette lessons.In short, their blogs promote the dignity of womanhood... and make me feel pretty.And Personally, I am tired of hearing about how pathetically unmanly men have … [Read more...]