One does not simply outlaw the Catholic Church…


H/T Ian, my good man.Not to be outdone, Mrs. Digital Hairshirt offers...And to follow up with opening weekend;For Greater Glory earned more than $1.8 million on only 757 screens over its opening weekend – good enough for the No. 10 spot in overall box office for all films in release. And it finished at No. 5 in per-screen average among the top 10. [source]Did you read that; it earned the number 10 spot and only showed on 757 screens. For a film to receive no Hollywood s … [Read more...]

For Greater Glory unfairly rated R …


... Grab your tissues and prepare to have your faith set ablaze.I want to discuss the R rating this movie was given since the rating seems to be a major source of concern for many parents who would like to take their children to see this movie. Additional reviews and resources are provided at the end of this post.Please let me be very clear here; I am going to let my 9 1/2 year old son see this movie. I would not do so without serious consideration first, but after having seen For … [Read more...]

The movie Hollywood wouldn’t make…


... This Friday For Greater Glory will be hitting theaters.Andy Garcia talks a bit about his role as General Enrique Gorostieta and the timely relevance of this historical drama based on the Cristeros War. Could this happen here? Absolutely.“It’s a completely independent film,” Garcia told “It is being distributed independently and it’s being financed independently.”And it is the true story of men and women—and children–who lived 90 years ago in Mexico and whose s … [Read more...]