Motherhood and the Rule of St. Benedict…


... Or what I like to affectionately refer to as, the Rule of Motherhood. That was the main focus of the workshop I gave at the Frassati Conference. I know it sounds a bit weird, St. Benedict and motherhood, especially when there are so many saintly woman that fit the bill - St. Ann, St. Monica, Our Lady. But really, St. Benedict and his Rule fit aptly with the theme of motherhood.When he wrote the Rule, his intention was not to establish a monastic order, but rather give something his … [Read more...]

A Quick Seattle Re-Cap…


... What an incredible weekend. Seattle itself was absolutely fun but the real joy was being part of the Frassati Conference, hearing the other speakers, meeting some wonderful people, and making new friends. It really was a blessing to be there.If you live in or around the area, you should make a point to attend next year. Our Lady Star of the Sea is a wonderful parish full of the nicest folks who are serious about their faith.Just a brief re-cap, there is no audio of the talk I gave. … [Read more...]