Women’s History Month Tip #2, Play Date Drinking…

Wait, what was I saying

... When you become a mother your world is opened up to children not just your own. You become friends with other mothers. Your child will have friends and participate in extracurricular activities involving other children. In short, you may find yourself surrounded by a bunch of children you did not give birth to. This is perfectly normal, please do not panic. Wiser women before have paved a path that will ensure your survival and help maintain your sanity.One such survival method is … [Read more...]

It’s Women’s History Month…

Now where did I leave that sandwich.

... or is it Womyn's History Month, or Herstory Month? Either way, I'm not one to pass up a celebratory anything. So in earnest expression of sister solidarity I will now share with you my favorite sandwich recipe - the classic BLT.Ingredients2 pieces of White or Wheat Bread Mayonnaise 6 Slices of Cooked Bacon Lettuce or Spinach One Fresh Tomato Pepper [optional]InstructionsSlice tomato and dress both pieces of bread with mayo. Layer bacon, lettuce and tomato on one … [Read more...]