Five Favorite Things…


... What? Don't judge. I like girly blather. In fact girly blather is one of my favorite things.1 - Girly BlatherI like pretty frocks, Downton Abbey, hirsute men who smoke pipes and have Scottish accents, and shoes. Ooooo, I love shoes. I like retro hairstyles and black eyeliner. And I love pinterest. In fact, I have a regular feature where I blubber on and on about some makeup product or the time I got my hair stuck in the typewriter at work. And other silly girlish prattle. I am … [Read more...]

Warning: Modern Women, DO NOT read this book…


... Because if you do, Modern Women, you will be absolutely horrified, I tell you.I cannot fully describe how much of a pure travesty this book is. Never has someone claiming she is modern done all she can to destroy every effort women have made to become educated and hard working members of society. Ms. Lord does a terrific job of putting a woman in her place, the kitchen, and the bedroom. As a recent, well-traveled, involve, and sexually active college graduate, this book makes me … [Read more...]