Halloween for Lazy People and the Crafty Challenged…


... Like everything else in my life, I wait to the last minute to post some Halloween stuff that probably could have been useful last week. You know, food treats to take to a party or your kid's class -- stuff even I can't ruin.And just look at these super cute costume's for All Saint's Day. I love them all.It pays to plan ahead. However, if you find yourself in a pinch or not quite that crafty, might I recommend a St. Sebastian costume. All you need are some Nerf gun darts, … [Read more...]

Shameless beggars and candy opportunists…


... What has happened to my beloved Halloween?! Who are these entitled beggars shuffling up to the door? Kids don't even try anymore. And young ladies, there are plenty of things you can be for Halloween besides naked.Your amateurism has forced me to lay down some guidelines for next year.1- putting random shit on your head does not a costume make. If you are wearing street clothes and a mask you will not get a single piece of candy from me.2 - If you can legally drive a car … [Read more...]

the virtue of Halloween…

Let the emotional scarring begin!

... A huge part of why I took to Catholicism like a fish to water was that Papists love to party. We have a feast almost daily, and if you're bi-ritual or pre-Vatican II you'll have multiple calendars to induce ecclesiastical schizophrenia. Catholics also have an amazing knack of taking regional traditions and making them their own; just ask those ungrateful pagans.I've lived in various parts of the Bible Belt and have encountered just about every reaction one can have to Halloween, the … [Read more...]