Nun Gazing …


The Little Sisters Disciples of the Lamb, a contemplative order made up of women with Down syndrome.H/T Catholic Priest-Alter Christus … [Read more...]

I’d Still Try and Hug Her…


The Colbert ReportGet More: Colbert Report Full Episodes,The Colbert Report on Facebook,Video ArchiveLearn more about Sr. Nyirumbe and Sewing Hope here. … [Read more...]

Warm and Fuzzy Nun Gazing Edition…


... I wish I knew the source for this photo of these scrumptious little nuns. Someone sent it to me on facebook page knowing my desire to HUG ALL THE NUNS! and these little lasses are certainly most huggable.Whaaaat? Are you shocked I have a heart and like adorable kids? I know... I've been a bit brash as of late. I'm on a diet so everything pisses me off right now. As you can clearly read below. … [Read more...]

I Thought Today Was Friday…


... by that's OK, I've got nun gazing to cheer my spirits.This last one is begging for a caption. … [Read more...]

It’s a tough job but someone’s gotta do it…

Profession-nun (1)

... I have tremendous respect for our religious. I mean, that lifestyle is not for wussies. Catholicism is punk rock, y'all. I stayed with a community for 2 weeks once and after the second day I was nothing more than a lazy presence floating about their halls, showing up for noon prayers and only reappearing hours later at Vespers. And bored. Lord, was I bored. But not those gals; up at 3:30 am praying and milking cows and doing chores and praying some more. I was exhausted just watching them … [Read more...]