Those Horrible Catholics Down the Street…


... That would be my family, of course. The same family that marked the arrival to our new home with big Catholic statuary in the yard, announcing to all ... the papists are coming, the papists are coming!My evangelical neighbors have been cautious with us when allowing their children to play with my son. After all I let my son read Harry Potter and Greek mythology, which I've heard is tantamount to devil worship. Oh, and then there's the statues. And the worship of statues. And statues … [Read more...]

That Awkward Moment When You Realize You’re A Lot Like Javert…


... Having seen Les Misérables no less than three times I am now ready to write a little something about the movie. Not a review, more like personal reflections, since the movie is a personal experience. First experiencing Les Miserables on Broadway as a little girl poor Éponine broke my heart and Javert terrified me. In the raging teenage years of my youth I felt every pang of unrequited love Éponine had for Marius. I disliked Cosette out of jealousy. The adult Cosette, even now, leaves me with … [Read more...]