Every Girl’s Crazy About A Sharped Dressed Man…


... You want to know why I desperately hated Shirley MacLaine's Downton Abbey character, Martha Levinson? Because she embodies the reason why people warned me to introduce myself as Canadian when traveling abroad. She was the stereotypical obnoxious American caricature, right down to the social inappropriateness. I mean really! She ate like she'd never seen food before and talked with her mouth full. I hope she never returns on the show.Speaking of never returning to the show, I just … [Read more...]

Thank you, God, for men who smell like cigars…


... Brace yourself. I'm about to get all surly. If there's anything I can do well, it's being surly. And nothing, I mean nothing, gets me surlier than those daily reminders of my spinsterhood from Catholic Match that arrive in my email's inbox on an almost daily basis. Never mind that you can't unsubscribe and deleting your account doesn't work either and I refuse to change my email address... they own you forever once you join.Needless to say my foul mood was already brewing when I walked … [Read more...]