A Husband Who Asks For A Divorce and the Wife Who Doesn’t Buy it…


... I've been married and unhappy. I've been single and unhappy too. I've even been in perfectly wonderful relationships and been utterly miserable. There have been times in my life where I have been more successful and financially better off than other times and I can count instances of unhappiness there as well.That's because my unhappiness had zero, zilch, nothing to do with the external factors of my life during those times. Running away from responsibilities never made me happier, … [Read more...]

Expressing Love Beyond Sex and the Single Life …

Look at this couple not loving each other!

... The fact that I still get almost daily emails about this one post proves to me there's a need for practical relationship advice. It makes sense there's such a need, what with the fracturing of the traditional family and free for all feminism.Remember taking Home Economics in school? Yeah, me neither. The advice I got instead, through my health/sex-ed classes, was that women can "love like men", which is code for being promiscuous. This ideal also hurts men, in that it implies men can … [Read more...]