Obama claims ISIL speaks for no religion. Then what’s the “I” in “ISIL” stand for…

new york times

... In another mind blowing attempt to kowtow to Islam, our president goes deeper in denial for the sake of multiculturalism and diversity.This is completely reprehensible and irresponsible. To say that "no religion" speaks for ISIL is an outright lie that I don't think anyone can possibly believe. What exactly does the "I" in "ISIL" stand for then?The Islamic States is just that, Islamic. ISIL has all the trademarks of the past 1300 years of post-Mohammedan culture - Piracy, theft, … [Read more...]

Why Does Obama Heart Planned Parenthood So Much…


... Why is our current POTUS so focused on women's reproduction, almost to the point of obsession? It would seem, in fact, that the whole Democratic party is sex obsessed, basing their political platform entirely on the imagined "rights" of abortion and free birth control.On July 3rd the state of NC voted to redirect $343K of government funding from Planned Parenthood to much more deserving county health departments. It was a year long battle and the "second time legislature overrode … [Read more...]

Romney’s new campaign slogan, “Hey, at least I’m not as bad as Obama. That dudes a ninja at making things worse”…

... Romney's may not be my first endorsement, but he's all we got now. So in light of this sobering news, Simcha Fisher has detailed ways in which Romney can make things less traumatic for the rest of us.Adopt the following campaign slogan: I WILL DO NOTHING! Seriously, dude, that's all we want from our elected officials at this point. Just . . . stop doing things. Voting for Obama is like hitting your head with a hammer. Voting for Romney is like stopping hitting your head with a … [Read more...]