It’s like giving yourself a lobotomy with a dull spoon…


... Exhibit A: the super groovy key note speaker at this week's LCWR Assembly, Conscious Evolutionist Barbara Marx Hubbard.What the what? I just... don't... what did she say? I don't understand the words coming out of her mouth. They defy logic.Related Links: Is it witchcraft or one too many pot brownies? … [Read more...]

Personally, I like settling matters with a cage match battle to the death…

... But Twitter is an OK way to determine positions of church hierarchy, I suppose, since it's obvious moral authority, apostolic succession, and common sense do not apply to the Church of England and their online popularity contest to determine the new Archbishop of Canterbury.The 'contest' is even open to members of other faiths... naturally, I begin campaigning today.Let the battle begin.Nominate me here, @c_of_e … [Read more...]