Lost In Translation …


... Let's discuss translations for a moment. Are they 100% accurate? Not always. Hence the phrase, "lost in translation". Knowing that, I am willing to take into consideration that this is sometimes the case with Pope Francis; however, I refuse to accept it as an excuse. On that note I'd like to share this post, Francis: Interview 2, by Sr. Anne Flanagan.There are things in that conversation that will raise questions; I've only scanned the interview and found two eyebrow-raisers. A bit of … [Read more...]

Alternate Interview Headline; Pope Declares Himself Humble…


... What was all that cryptic tweeting about last night? Why another Pope Francis interview of course. This time with La Repubblica's founder, Eugenio Scalfari. The full text can be found here.Below you'll find some excerpts from the interview. Mr. Scalfari's questions and comments are in bold, followed by the Pope's responses. My thoughts are interjected after each block quote. However if you were to ask me to sum up the interview with a single quote it would be this -- Pope Francis … [Read more...]

Some Potpourri of Popery…


Image sources. … [Read more...]