Being a single parent isn’t so bad. There are worse things. Trust me…

... Being a single parent isn't so bad. Trust me on this one. Of course I am not advocating single parent households over the traditional model of family, which I know to be superior, but I want women who may find themselves debating abortion because they have no support from the father to know that being a single mother is not worse thing out there. Again, you'll just have to trust me.Right now you may be hearing the typical arguments from family and friends about the financial burdens … [Read more...]

why I am pro-life and not anti-abortion…

A much more dramatic and life affirming image

... It follows reason, if news reporting agencies are careful not to show the public graphic images out of respect for the dead and their viewers why won't the more fanatical pro-life advocates afford the same dignity to aborted babies? There is no respect for the person-hood of those deceased infants by displaying their aborted corpses to the public. It's disgusting.If you want to visually make the statement that abortion is the murder of a very real person you'd be more convincing [and … [Read more...]