Upcoming Rachel’s Vineyard Retreats and Finding Foregiveness…


... Rachel's Vineyard is a fantastic organization that offers post abortive counseling for women and men dealing with the aftereffects of abortion.They have an upcoming retreat here in Charlotte this month, November 21st-23rd. If you're interested in going please contact Maggi Fitzpatrick Nadol (704-370-3229, MNadol@CharlotteDiocese.org) or Deacon Tom Rasmussen (828-495-7234, deacontom@centurylink.net).For a full directory of retreats in the US click here, outside the US click here. … [Read more...]

Toni Braxton Joins Growing List of Celebrities Speaking Out After Their Abortions…


... I suspect stories like this will start to become more commonplace.At least I hope they do.Not to mean that I enjoy reading about women struggling with the guilt and depression associated with being post-abortive. I mean that I hope more women who have a wide audience and the public's attention, like Hollywood celebrities, will start speaking out against abortion with regularity.When they share their painful stories it is a powerful witness. With each new headline the curtain … [Read more...]

Wow, kindness abounds…

This kitten will be the only thin compared to Hitler in your comments from this moment on.

... So I've been sort of laying low for a bit because I didn't know how my post below would be received. Writing it was, ironically, a bit like giving birth. The labor was long - 6 whole months! - and so much emotional energy and physical exertion was poured into writing it that I needed some recovery time afterwards. So I hit publish, turn off my laptop, and took a nap.Oh, and I also went to the ER yesterday morning. I was bitten by a spider three days ago while working in my garden and it … [Read more...]