Shamelessly Blegging Our Way to Summer Camp…


... Sadly, I wonder if I should make this an annual fund raising campaign each summer. I'm embarrassed to admit that I did this very same thing last year, but I do so love my son and I'll do anything for him.And that anything means swallowing my pride every twelve months to ask you guys for a little help to get my son to summer camp.You see, last year he had such a fantastic time at Scout camp that he's dying to return this summer. He did all the marvelous, filthy things I completely … [Read more...]

April 27th, Rome Here I Come…


VATICAN CITY — Pope Francis on Monday set a date next year to declare the sainthood of two of his most influential predecessors on the same day in what was taken as a gesture designed to promote unity within the Roman Catholic Church.The two popes — John Paul II and John XXIII — will be canonized on April 27, Francis said during a meeting with cardinals at the Vatican. Some Vatican analysts said the decision to canonize two popes simultaneously was highly unusual, if not unparalleled. [Sour … [Read more...]