Oh look, she’s asking for money again…


... In other news. I'm poor. Depressingly so. In your charity please see the go fund me page I set up to help me replace the gorilla glued, rust bucket I've been driving around.If you were looking for charitable causes this Lent; charitable cause right here.Yeah it sucks. It's tacky and I feel like as ass for having to do this but if you're poor, living paycheck to paycheck, you understand the idea of having a savings is laughable.It's just me, taking care of my son and my … [Read more...]

Help End Blogger Poverty…

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Your donation will help end the suffering of one blogger who will no longer have to worry about meeting a page view quota for an entire month.During that time, the blogger you sponsor can devote her time to studying to pass her NC state board real estate Broker exam.Whaddya say?Help ease my suffering this month so I can devote more time to study, please? … [Read more...]