It’s Time To Take Down The Dating Profile, Because Clearly You Shouldn’t Be Dating…


From my inbox, a reader's question. Published with permission ... Dear Crescat,I just started dating again after my divorce three years ago. My friends suggested I try I signed up for it and met a really nice guy who seems decent. We exchanged a few emails and he asked for my number to call me. We exchanged flirty text messages for a couple of days and then he finally called. I was in class (I go to school at night) when he called so I couldn't answer.I called him back the … [Read more...]

Expressing Love Beyond Sex and the Single Life …

Look at this couple not loving each other!

... The fact that I still get almost daily emails about this one post proves to me there's a need for practical relationship advice. It makes sense there's such a need, what with the fracturing of the traditional family and free for all feminism.Remember taking Home Economics in school? Yeah, me neither. The advice I got instead, through my health/sex-ed classes, was that women can "love like men", which is code for being promiscuous. This ideal also hurts men, in that it implies men can … [Read more...]

Nobody has ever died from not having sex…


... One of the first lessons I learned as a young woman was that just because a man sexually desires you does not mean he loves you. It's a hard lesson for so many girls to learn. "Why would he kiss me if he didn't like me"? He kissed you because boys like to kiss. Girls like to kiss too, but for completely different reasons. Girls kiss because first comes love, then comes marriage, then comes Suzy with a baby carriage. A boy will kiss simply because some girl let him.Somewhere through the … [Read more...]

is singleness a vocation…


... I hear this question every now and then. I wonder, but highly doubt it.I'm not a consecrated single person so being single, in my opinion, is not a vocation. I just sort of ended up in this state through various life circumstances but I never actively sought to be single. I think most singles are like me in this aspect. When I think "vocation" I don't think of some transitory or temporary state, which I hope and pray my singleness is.So I ascertain that being an unconsecrated single … [Read more...]