Overlooked and Dismissed During the Synod, How Single Parents Continue to be Regarded in the Church…


Well, the Extraordinary Synod for the Family, has ended, and not surprisingly single parents have gotten the same sort of polite inattention from the Catholic bishops that we are used to getting in the pews. Special attention should be given to the accompaniment of single-parent families, in a particular way to help women who have to carry alone the responsibility of the home and raising children. That vague-sounding one line was all the consideration single parents saw in the final … [Read more...]

Hijacking Father’s Day …


... Every Father's Days it's the same. An annual invitation to bash fatherhood.Can you imagine if Mother's Day got hijacked to such a degree.It doesn't build up motherhood or empower woman to tear down fathers, whether you think they deserve it or not.Single moms, this Father's Day lets try a different approach.1- Don't be bitter.Even if you feel your bitterness is justified and caused by circumstances that may have been out of your control you have to stop and … [Read more...]