No Mercy For You, Says Mosque to Boston Bomber’s Family…


... The Soup Nazi would be proud.American authorities have told the family that they can have Tsarnaev’s body, and an uncle approached the mosque to request a burial and funeral but was declined, said the aunt, Patimat Suleimanova.She said that she did not know the name of the mosque but that it was one the family attended. A mosque in Cambridge, Mass., has said that Tsarnaev attended and occasionally caused disruptions and that mosque leaders threatened to kick him out. A s … [Read more...]

The Boston Bomber’s Widow and Abusive Relationships…


... Reading about Katherine Russell/Karima Tsarnaev, the widow of Boston bomber Tamerlan Tsarnaev, reminds me specifically of two woman. The first was an old friend who married a seemingly wonderful man too young, had his children, then watched him transform into a controlling and abusive "devout" Muslim. The second woman was me.Sarah.My friend "Sarah"* met her husband in college and fell quickly in love. Sarah was a cradle Catholic and her husband, "Hassan"*, was a Muslim but not … [Read more...]