The Desolation of Smaug, a Comedy of sorts…


... I don't think Tolkien set out to write a comedy in The Hobbit. I also don't think Peter Jackson had set out to film a comedy in The Desolation of Smaug. But my word... what an unintentionally hilarious movie it was. It was like Pirates of the Caribbean with Dwarves.And similar to everything Hollywood touches, the book and movie have very little in common. It was a fun action film, I'll give it that, but the love triangle between Legolas, a totally made up She-Elf, and Kili was … [Read more...]

A Ten Year Old’s Take on Peter Jackson’s, The Hobbit…


... For my son's tenth birthday yesterday I took him to see The Hobbit. If the previous Lord of The Rings movies were any indication, there is a lot of walking in The Hobbit. Roughly two hours of walking. It was during one of the many grand and lengthy walking scenes that my son leans over and wonders out loud, "Why doesn't Gandalf just summons those giant birds of his and be done with it?"Which naturally reminded me of this...And at the end, well sort of the "end" [spoiler alert] … [Read more...]