Pro-Abortion Politician Writes Self Appeasing Rubbish About Her Excommunication…

Ay dios mio.

... Someone once asked me if I struggled with any of the Church's teachings? My reply was plain.If I did you wouldn't know about it.But what if your struggle could help others who were working through the same issues?Not even then.Maybe if I had reached a satisfactory understanding and wanted to share with someone the misconceptions I was under and how it was resolved. Maybe.But really. If I am struggling with anything contrary to what the Church teaches I will not share … [Read more...]

Journalism, You’re Doing It Wrong Daily Kos…

"Jane, you ignorant slut"

... In other news regarding pro-abortion advocates and their failure to grasp proper usage of the English language, Daily Kos editor, Kaili Joy Gray, refers to the upcoming March For Life as a "fetuspoolza" and calls pro-life grandmothers "terrorists". She writes,Ah, January in Washington D.C.Bare trees, icy sidewalks, inauguration plans underway — and terrorists dressed up like sweet little grandmothers bussing to the nation’s capital, ready for their annual celebration of restricting w … [Read more...]