Year of Faith Bucket List…


... Or, things my good intention-ed self will attempt to do but probably fail at miserably. Yet some of these things are really good ideas so I thought I'd share them anyway. And really, if you only manage a few, that's something right?Catholic activities and opportunities that will hopefully inspire you, and maybe even challenge you, to grow in your Catholic faith. Please keep this bucket list and check off all the items that you or your family members are able to accomplish over the … [Read more...]

Prayer, Sin, and Faith…

... Someone once told me that when we are in a state of mortal sin God doesn't hear our prayers. Our sinful actions have severed our relationship with Christ and our prayers fall on deaf ears or some other such bleakness. I had always been a bit suspicious of this bit of information; how else do sinners experience conversation? I think my entire early twenties was a perpetual state of moral sin and debauchery yet there I was on my knees praying fervently for help one evening and I know He heard … [Read more...]