I’m coming to Alchemy because I’ve been dreaming of it ever since the last one…

The reason I'm going to Alchemy, is because I have been dreaming of it ever since the first Alchemy! And as part of the Core Circle, I have had the honor of helping to plan and create this wonderful event.There lots of reason I could share for why I personally am going, however, instead I want to share my dream, my intention of what it will be, and in doing so, invite you to hold this dream with me and co-create it:The beauty of this event is that the magic of it will come from each … [Read more...]

I’m coming to Alchemy to be empowered and inspired

As one who has attended Alchemy One, I am so happy to be attending Alchemy Two as well. It is an opportunity to connect with remarkable women from all over the world, engage in meaningful dialogue, gain some new wisdom and insight, and just BE together in a lovely setting.One of the things I especially love about Alchemy is the embracing and encouragement of younger women, supporting them to fulfill their highest visions and dreams so that they can carry forward the work of conscious … [Read more...]

I’m going to Alchemy to be part of the tsunami of feminine spirit

There are so many reasons why I am excited about being part of the reunion of souls at Alchemy: Occupy Your Sacred Self. Yes, I want to be part of the tsunami of feminine spirit that is going to transform our world and it feels like this Alchemy gathering will keep the edge of that wave building and moving.I want to fly up above this gathering like a hawk and catch a glimpse of the amazing web of women, organizations, networks, impulses, passions, ideas and visions gathered there – a web tha … [Read more...]

I’m going to Alchemy because I’m ready to roar

I grew up in an America that discouraged women from openly exhibiting our power. I married and had two children, at which time safety for my family often required my public silence. My children are now grown and don’t share my last name. I am ready to roar and want to be with women who aren’t afraid to assert themselves and don’t see all success as competition with them.I am proud of what my country has accomplished since the sixties, but I am worried by the many who want to return to the pai … [Read more...]

Why I’m saying “Yes!” to Alchemy?

During the past two years I have experienced the power of saying "Yes" to an invitation or idea at the very tiniest resonance I feel. How do you explain saying "Yes" when you don't know why, when it makes no sense, when there is no time, when there is no money, when there is just a little inner twang that says: "Hey, I want to be there!"Like so many situations in a life of expanding, experience is the teacher and words cannot explain. Anyone else who has had the experience will simply begin … [Read more...]

I’m going to Alchemy because the first one BLEW MY MIND

There are conferences you go to and forget about, and then there are those that BLOW YOUR MIND. For me, the 2011 Alchemy conference was the latter.Even how I got there was mind blowing. Looking for funding for my PhD, I sat down at my school computer and googled: "Women, spirituality and scholarships." Up popped this website for "Women of Spirit and Faith" of which I read everything, and understood nothing. I was about to close the window when I noticed that they were holding an "Alchemy" … [Read more...]

Why come to “Alchemy: Occupy your sacred self”?

Ask someone why they went to the grocery store and you're likely to get a fairly simple answer ("Duh, I needed groceries"). Ask them why they went to school to study and you might get slightly more varied responses: (I needed the qualification / I was interested in the subject / I wanted to drink lots of beer and have my parents pay, etc).Ask a woman why she's going to "Alchemy: Occupy Your Sacred Self" and you just let yourself in for a really, really interesting conversation. In fact her … [Read more...]