Tough Grace: mental illness as a spiritual path

I found my own feminine ground in the course of dealing with the ravages of manic depression. For 12 years I suffered intensely, including spending some time living on the streets---not because I didn’t have assets but because I got separated from them in my delusional times or was too paranoid to tap them. Since 2006 I have been in recovery although it has taken me these 10 years to fully rebuild my life.Jungian analyst Marion Woodman suggests that women who achieve fully developed c … [Read more...]

Invitation to blog: feminine spiritual leadership in a new world

The world has tilted on its axis and opened deep cracks in our collective human heart. We are listening deeply for the wisdom arising from those cracks. We are aware that women's spiritual leadership is more important ... and mysterious ... than ever. The work we all do on behalf of the Sacred Feminine is more crucial than ever.WSF exists to offer sacred space for authentic conversations. We believe we can co-create a new narrative - together in circle - when as individuals we are grounded … [Read more...]