Coming to Peace on the Path of the Dark Goddess

When Swami Vivekananda spoke at the World Parliament of Religions in 1893, he ignited the West's interest in Hinduism and created a heart-opening moment for the global north to move back into its connection to the world. Welcoming everyone with the words, "Sisters and Brothers of America," he invoked a sensibility of relationality and warmed the room. What most didn't know when he received a standing ovation was that his own personal heart had been consumed by the Dark Goddess, Kali. While he … [Read more...]

Women’s prayers from the Parliament

 Women’s PrayersThe prayers of women were woven throughout this Parliament: spoken into themicrophone from the plenary stage, danced in flash mobs with spontaneousjoy, encoded in the footsteps of the silent river of women during theWomen’s Multi-Faith Peace Walk and offered with tobacco at sunrise aroundthe Sacred Fire.  I was blessed to offer these two prayers to open and closethe workshop Embodied Service: The Wholeness of Women’s SpiritualLeadership.Opening Prayer:Beloved One, Spirit … [Read more...]