Spiritual Stepping Stones: A personal reflection of the Divine Feminine

Jassy Watson lives in Queensland Australia. She is a mother of four, a passionate organic gardener, an artist and a student of history and religion.How did I come to know the great mother, the goddess, divine feminine? Reflecting on this question has made me think very hard about when she actually became a presence in my life. I’ve always felt a connection to another presence or energy source and this feeling is intensified when I am outdoors in my natural environment; warmed by the Summer su … [Read more...]

Stepping Stones on the Path: A Moment of Prayer

Susan Naomi Bernstein is a writer and educator living in Queens, NY. Her blog is called: "Beyond the Basics" (for Bedford Bits)My first memory of transformative spiritual experience endures as a moment of a prayer. I was not more than five, or perhaps younger, and I was sitting in the synagogue among the elders. It was Yom Kippur, the Day of Atonement, the holiest day of the year. On this day, we are instructed to become supplicants and to appeal to the Divine Presence to inscribe us in t … [Read more...]

A spiritual stepping stone: Occupy the Heart – we are the 100%

Laura Paskell-Brown lives in Brooklyn, New York.  As well as working on a PhD in psychology, she is a Young Leader with Women of Spirit and Faith.I grew up in a socialist household. I was breastfed on Karl Marx, and I argued with kids in kindergarten that “a different world” was possible. For many years I defined myself through this.Yet, at the age of 30, struggling with addiction and the reality that even “a different Laura” didn’t seem possible, I just couldn’t keep up the faith. I … [Read more...]

Stepping stones on the journey: The hunger that guides me

Denise Casey lives in Vermont where she writes, hikes, sings, studies and practices mind-body healing and just "keeps on showin up."  She is also one of the young leaders with Women of Spirit and Faith There wasn't an important moment in time when all of the stars aligned, kicked me in the rear and sent me on my way. When I think of what guides me the first word that comes to mind is hunger. It’s not always strong and present, but it’s there. A hunger for something I know, at so … [Read more...]

Stepping Stones to The Spirit

 Yvette Warren is a grandmother and an ordained minister in the Universal Life Church.  Her blog, which explores interfaith family values can be found at: One Family, Many Faiths  When I was six years old, and preparing to receive "The Body and Blood" of Jesus for the first time in my First Holy Communion, I was told that my sins had killed Jesus. I was also told that I had to confess my sins and do penance before I was good enough to receive this special gif … [Read more...]

Stepping stones on the spiritual journey: My 65th Birthday Gift

Jeanie DeRousseau is an Anthropologist. She is also a board member of  Imagine the Good and the "Chief Visionary Officer" of LightPages, a group of organically connecting women who are committed to facilitating new social systems that serve the common good.  A week ago I completed my 65th year in this physical body.  When my sister Pam called to wish me Happy Birthday, I told her that my stomach was off, so no cake for me.  Just before she hung up, she added a postscript to our conver … [Read more...]

Unexpected Steps in the Journey: Pilgrimage Into the Mystery

Kathe Schaaf is a founding member of Women of Spirit and Faith, organized in 2010 with the intention of exploring, nurturing and celebrating women’s spiritual leadership. She is one of the editors of Women, Spirituality and Transformative Leadership: Where Grace Meets Power, an anthology of women’s wisdom. Kathe serves on the Board of Trustees of the Council for a Parliament of the World’s Religions, where she co-chairs the Women’s Task Force.  In spring of 2010, I trave … [Read more...]

Stepping Stones on your Spiritual Journey: Stories of the places, the guides and the events that made a difference along the way

Spiritual breakthroughs can happen at the most unexpected times, while doing the most unexpected things and in the most unexpected places.  Many look to carve out time to travel somewhere new and look for new insights.  Or find groups of like minded people on a similar journey to share an experience.  Others search alone for the quiet and the inspiring in nature and the world.  Many are blessed with a guide along the way who knows how to help us find our way.All of us have stories of the imp … [Read more...]