Did your most profound learning experience happen in a classroom?

Looking back over your whole life, what was the most profound learning experience you ever had, either inside or outside the classroom?This is the question I have been asking all of the women I am interviewing for my PhD. I'm yet to properly look at the "data" but something I've already noticed: whilst many of the women have a lot of formal education under their belt, not one has mentioned anything that happened in a classroom.In my own life, school has certainly played a large role – I … [Read more...]

Dreaming of Spiritual Development of Children and Adults

I have a dream that we in the United States will ensure that we include spiritual development of children and adults in our schools, churches, community centers and in the media. I would like to see experiential learning programs that are interactive, co-creative and spiritual grow global citizens. It is great to be an American, and it is an ever greater and higher calling to be a global citizen.Let’s teach that the power of love is what the world needs now instead of power-over and it is l … [Read more...]

Educating the next generation: Faith Not of Our Fathers

Passing faith onto my children has been exceedingly tricky for me. I was brought up in a very strict version of the pre-Vatican II Roman Catholic religion. In this religion, all thoughts and actions were codified as either venial or mortal sins. Any attempts to identify one’s own actions as good were, in themselves, sins of pride. It is difficult to guide a family when one is prostrate before an all powerful, all-knowing presence who seeks to keep us groveling on the ground in absolute o … [Read more...]

Educating the next generation: To Grace Through Grace

I got my mother’s artistic eye, my grandfather’s sharp mind and my grandmother’s storytelling flair.As I wrote Big Topics at Midnight, the only way I knew to move forward was to look back.  The single-perspective history I’d learned in school was too limited, so I started reading other versions by women and people of color. To my horror, I found many of these new stories in direct conflict with the “official” accounts.Wondering how my ancestors fit into this bigger picture of history, I d … [Read more...]

Teaching our children authentic, spirit filled living

My Dream and Vision for our children stems from the concept of Truth and Veracity in our adult lives as guides and mentors.   Faith: trust, belief, hope, optimism, all integral for spiritual balance within our hearts, minds and bodies. I see the “passing on” of this knowledge only through our influence in living authentic, spirit filled lives. Being stellar models of a faith that stems from acceptance of Spirit in all her forms, cultures, traditions, and possibilities. Traveling a path that shows … [Read more...]

Passing on the Faith: Teaching the Next Generation

This month the Divine Feminine blog is taking part in the back-to-school conversation that is happening across the whole Patheos platform on faith formation.  We want to hear about your experiences/dreams/visions of passing on the faith, and of  mentoring across generations.Here are some questions to get the juices flowing:How do we successfully pass on faith to our children? How do you/would you like to work together across generations? If you could create your dream curriculum -- a … [Read more...]