Women of Faith Will Prevail

Last month women gathered via signals across the country to share, to listen, and to try to make sense of our new political reality. Today is the first day of the new presidency and the future for our country looks grim. Each day, lines are crossed that used to be off limits in a democracy such as ours.One woman asked, "How shall we engage?" She shared that this election sparked a fear in her about survival and her values. Another woman said, "It is my responsibility to listen to my heart. … [Read more...]

Resilience and the Light

On the US holiday of Thanksgiving last month, I had a conversation with my 86-year-old father. I noticed he was reading a book about the second world war, the time of his childhood and early adolescence. Previous on rare occasions, my father had shared very brief memories of that time. He is the first generation of our family born in the United States, and he remembered, during the war, stories of the suffering of relatives far away in Leningrad.I asked my father: “This year—2016—how does it … [Read more...]

Labor Pains of Mother Earth: Birthing a new generation

Participating in a circle recently, my heart was touched to hear so many women asking how to connect, find hope, and move forward in light of recent world events. In my own world and work, I have taught myself to continually focus and refocus my mind away from the negative and towards the positive; a mental strength practice many scientific studies have shown to be physically beneficial in addition to the spiritual benefits we reap.For me, writing, meditation, and participating in action … [Read more...]

On Feminine Ground: for our Work of Justice, Peace, and Sustainability

            The words “On Feminine Ground” stir in me dreams of a transformed world. On Feminine Ground everyone has freedom to become all we are created to be in the divine image. On Feminine Ground all creation flourishes.For too long our world has been out of balance with the masculine dominating and the feminine subordinated or excluded. We have all suffered from this imbalance. On Feminine Ground there will be a healthy balance that encourages all of us to embrace our wholeness and to ex … [Read more...]

The Divine Feminine Emerging, Embodied, and Emboldened

FINALLY...We can’t help but notice that the world seems to have suddenly ‘discovered’ the value of women. After thousands of years living in the shadow of the masculine, after being pushed into the margins of power and leadership, after being silenced in every cultural institution – including most of the major world religions - the media today is full of messages that it is time to listen to women’s wisdom.Women’s leadership styles are being acknowledged widely in diverse segments of the … [Read more...]

Distractions & the Dark Feminine

I launched a conversation about depression a few months ago asking this question: What if it’s not depression, as we’ve come to think of it, but rather a sign of our profound unhappiness and dissatisfaction?The question demands we get honest.Observing my own life, these are some of the things I’ve discovered to be true for me: I don’t enjoy cooking, I’d rather be brewing words on the page; I love good company and great conversation but I’m not interested in inviting you over for dinner; I … [Read more...]

The Story of My Feminine Soul

Early as a child, I lost my innocence through a physical trauma.  Psychologically, I was thrown out of Eden before I was ready. As a teen, I had friends, but there was a longing deep within me that I couldn’t articulate.  To compensate for packing in the head knowledge, I rode horses.  Being in the natural world rebalanced me. That balance was lost in the years of academic education and professional success.  My essential feminine nature went into the shadows.  As I embraced the masculine value … [Read more...]

Imagination is more important than knowledge…

.....and yet another “sign” that I may be emerging from a denser fog than I once imagined. Let me clarify. Seeing the quote from Albert Einstein, who has been my newest best friend these last number of years, triggered a dazzling light bulb moment. Who would have thought? A brilliant, scientific mind who quotes the wisdom of the ages with more relevance to spirit than science. His photo hangs on my studio wall, and some of his quotes echo around my brain regularly. He got me with “sacred gift” a … [Read more...]

Noticing who I am right now

Who am I right now… I am a fledgling bird preparing her wings for flight out of yet another nest, an 85-year old woman who’s not done writing yet, a baby born into so much love his heart actually beats louder just to say, “me too. I love you too.” a man who walks through desert after desert and still follows truth like a sword that was placed early in his heart, a 65-year old dog who never stopped learning new tricks, two curious and eager girls on a walk with their dad that want to know y … [Read more...]

After years of seeking, I forged a new spiritual frontier: myself

In "Literally the best thing ever: God", our very own Jamia Wilson blogs for teen feminist-fashionwebsite "Rookie".In the article Jamia explains how she manages to find God, even in the most chaotic and terrible of times. A great affirmation for the power of women's circles and an interfaith space that gives us all permission to find God wherever we see Her/Him/It.Click here to read her blog  … [Read more...]